The power of POSM

Do you know that more than 70% of shopping is done under the influence of an impulse?

For that reason it is so important for your products to be distinguished from among hundreds of other products on shop shelves. Make them more visible by applying creative advertising elements. Check out who trusted our knowledge, experience and ideas.

We are

a team of experienced and creative specialists, who passionately develop POSM.

Creative products, which increase sales of products of companies on average by 35%, are produced in our workshop. We propose individual solutions for enterprises operating all over the world. Our long-term experience allows us to manufacture a wide range of POSM, from the smallest ones to those requiring huge expedition spaces.

We offer display tools which support sales, build the image and brand identification and also help to win advantage over the competition. The know-how, which we worked out, allows the implementation of innovative solutions tailored to your needs and the optimisation of production costs.

Our system is four key milestones:





We offer you complex support services within the scope of POSM development. Our specialists will be at your disposal from the very beginning of the production process. We treat our Customers equally – our approach towards each of them is professional and creative and we are always strongly committed. Our paramount goal is to work out the best solution for you, therefore we provide a multi-stage production process which comprises the execution of a prototype, production, supply and assembly, as well as after-sale service. We deliver the materials designed for you to every country in the world and handle the assembly across Europe.


We design and manufacture a full range of POSM. We use in our projects high-quality available materials and technologies.

Your design will be original and unique. We don’t use templates and don’t invest in ready-made solutions. Each POSM is a new quality, in accordance with the latest trends in the shopping psychology and the brand spirit. Check out in our gallery what we can do for you. If you couldn’t find a solution for you – write to us – through the combination of production processes and processed materials we are able to create whatever you wish for.


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